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With the development and progress of ceramic industry, anion ceramic tile, air purification tile, heating ceramic tile, formaldehyde purifying tile and other functional tiles are extremely hot, and the trend is becoming more and more intense.

There are two positive signals in this wave: first, with the consumer group getting younger and the upgrading of consumption structure, the ceramic industry has gradually turned to the development trend of independent innovation; second, the challenges and risks of demolishing & establishing are much greater, such as functional ceramic tiles, which will face many uncertain risk factors in R & D, promotion, after-sales, protection of independent property rights and other aspects. However, it is also the only way of enterprise for expansion.

Today, we will count the ins and outs of all kinds of functional ceramic tiles for you.

01 Air Purification Tiles

With the improvement of living standards, "health" has become the key consumption index of the new generation of consumer groups. On the other hand, the exploration of functional tile in ceramic industry will become the first action of many ceramic brands in 2020. Air purification tile breaks through the single decoration function of original ceramic tile. After anions are added inside, the tile can degrade formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other decoration pollutants, and conform to the modern people's pursuit of health.

The raw materials and functions of air purification tile are different from traditional ones. A large number of natural environmental protection materials, such as diatoms, natural clay, marine paleontological sedimentary minerals and so on, are selected as raw materials for air purification tile. The cost is much higher than that of traditional ceramic tiles, and the nano photocatalyst coating sintered on the surface can completely decompose harmful gases under the light irradiation.


02 Antibacterial Tiles

Adding some special material into the glaze could make a common ceramic tile antibacterial, which can effectively inhibit or even eliminate Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus, greatly reducing the bacteria that harm human body. Antibacterial tile is generally paved in kindergartens, hospitals and other public places.

In the production process of antibacterial ceramic tile, inorganic antibacterial agent is added into the glaze to realize antibacterial self-cleaning function, no water mark and no sticky stain, so that the surface of ceramic tile can reach the antibacterial effect. The antibacterial agent used in ceramic glaze has multiple functions - mold prevention, air purification and far-infrared effect.


Common Tile               VS             Self-cleaning Antibacterial Tile 

03 Energy Tile

Quantum technology is added in the production process of energy tile. After high-temperature conversion, the disordered molecular structure of the ceramic tile will be orderly arranged. Under the effect of normal temperature or light, the molecular structure will move, release energy light wave, and play the role of decomposing odor. Some soy sauce and vinegar will be placed next to the energy tiles in the showroom. Before long, the taste will be cleaned out completely.

From the perspective of physics, quantum energy tile applies related technologies in the form of electronic wave and light wave energy transmission in micro state. These technologies have certain effects on body regulation, anti-aging, treatment, recovery and detoxification. Therefore, quantum energy tile products are endowed with special functions such as formaldehyde removal, antibacterial, radiation resistance, benzene removal, and improvement of human health level.

Golde Energy Science & Technology Hall

04 Graphene Heating Tiles

Why do cold tiles get hot? The answer is to apply a 0.3mm-thick graphene coating on the back of the tiles, and equip with a temperature control switch, carefully slot and wire, and then lay the tiles as usual to generate heat.


However, not all graphene is adaptable in tiles. Graphene heating tiles convert electricity into heat through the graphene layer. The heating film uses copper and silver mixed wires to reduce resistance and meanwhile enhances the heating efficiency, which will greatly improve the performance of the heating film against moisture and oxidation. The product will have a longer life and is safer. Compared with other heating methods, graphene intelligent heating tiles are healthier, more environmentally friendly and have a higher conversion rate.

7.jpgGraphene Heating Tiles


Products Recommendation

1. KITO SunFit Tiles

In 2019, KITO launched KITO SunFit Tile, added with patented XT materials, fired at 1230 high temperature, and continuously emits far-infrared rays with a wavelength of 8-16μm for 20 years. Like sunlight, it can react with substances and produce anions, so that you can enhance immunity at home.


2. Dongpeng Antibacterial Marble Tile Series

In recent years, reports of accidents such as excessive formaldehyde, bacterial infections, and injuries caused by slips and falls have been common. All of them are telling us directly and clearly: health cannot be ignored.

Dongpeng Ceramics has launched a new product of healthy tile, which not only has careful designs on the product texture, but also integrates antibacterial, anti-slip, and aldehyde reduction functions in it.


3.PHOMI Ecological Materials

MCM ecological material is a new type of safe and low-carbon building decoration material developed by PHOMI. It has excellent properties such as lightness, flexibility, thinness, breathability, strong expressiveness and fire resistance. It does not require dry hanging, and can be directly wet-attached, which is easy to construct. Inheriting architectural culture and expressing architectural aesthetics, while avoiding the disadvantages of traditional materials, this product is light and breathable, which can lighten the burden on buildings, and has gradually become the new favorite to beautify cities.

At present, it is widely used in building exterior walls and interior spaces, and has won widespread praises from the market. The MCM material uses the original ecological soil and inorganic materials as raw materials, and then molds under the photochemical isomerization and curve temperature after classification, mixing, and compound modification.


The birth of functional tiles is to make human life and experience better. Just as air purification tiles are for purifying the air and for human health considerations; heating tiles are a practical consideration of the issue of floor heating in winter; antibacterial tiles are considered from a health perspective and used to improve the living environment of human health.

In general, the emergence of functional tiles is an innovation and progress in the materials used in the home space, making our living environment more livable!