Vol.2 | Granite Tiles --- From Nature Beyond Nature

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As a natural stone, granite is widely used in high-end building decoration projects such as villas, gardens, residential areas, as well as public places such as squares, shopping malls, and municipal roads due to its uniform structure, hard texture, wear resistance, and beautiful appearance.

But as a natural stone produced directly from nature, it is non-renewable. With the increasing depletion of mineral resources and the improvement of national environmental governance, granite mining is increasingly restricted, and granite tiles have become the best substitutes.

Today we will talk about granite tiles.


▲Paving effect of granite tile products of Hongyu Ceramics

  • Various Textures

Granite stone has no colorful texture, most of them only have color spots, and some are pure colors. However, granite tiles can imitate the texture of natural granite through the selection of raw materials and production deployment, and thus more styles and patterns can be designed, and product consistency can be ensured.


  • Full Body

Most of the granite tiles are full-body tiles, which means the color of the tile body is basically consistent with the surface texture. Not only color and texture, but also functions are infinitely close to the natural effect, while the texture is more transparent.


  • Good Stability

Granite has the characteristics of high water absorption and low strength, and it is easy to cause stains, discoloration and breakage due to long-term exposure to sunlight, rain and vehicle pressure. While granite tiles are more stable and anti-fouling, so when coffee, juice or other beverages are splashed on it, few stains are left.


  • Strong Durability

The durability of granite tiles makes it a popular product. The hardness is very high, even if heavy objects are dropped, the floor used this products can remain intact. Taking Hongyu Ceramics’s granite tile as an example, it is about 4-5 times harder than granite, and can bear the rolling of 50t truck. Granite tiles not only have excellent hardness coefficient, but also have a variety of characteristics like wear resistance and acid resistance.

Due to the above characteristics, granite tiles are widely used in public areas such as airports, high-speed railway stations, shopping malls, public areas of real estate, municipal engineering, etc.


  • Low Radioactivity

Natural granite is often used in outdoor places, and it can only be used in a small range in indoor places. Because of the high radioactivity of natural stone, long-term use in a large area will cause harm to human health. However, granite tiles meet less trouble in radioactivity, they can be used both outdoors and indoors, which greatly expands the scope of application.

Products Recommendations

1. Granite Tile from Hongyu Ceramics

Hongyu Ceramics’s granite tile possesses the touch, color and beauty of natural granite, meanwhile, it also has good physical performance of fracture resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, antifouling and skidproofing. It is a new environmentally friendly product integrating both aesthetics and functionality, which endows tile with the texture of natural granite, strengthens the performance of usability, improves the decoration effect of tile, enriches the categories of tile to cater the consuming demand of stone.

As the core products of Hongyu Ceramics, granite tile grasps high attention from ceramic and real estate industry since it was launched. After a thorough study by real estate developers, it won more and more reliance and supports from the sector. As a result, the engineering projects which use Hongyu’s granite tiles spring up at home and abroad.


Application Cases

3.jpg 2.jpg

▲Sunac Jiurongtai Project in Jiangmen

Application Products: Sesame White

5.jpg 4.jpg

▲Agile Xindi Project in Foshan

Application Products: Fuding Black, Sesame Black

6.jpg 7.jpg

▲Sunac Baixiangjie Project in Chongqin

Application Products: Chinese Black, Sesame White

8.jpg 9.jpg

▲Logan Bailipajiangan Project in Guangzhou

Application Products: Fuding Black, Sesame Black

10.jpg 11.jpg12.jpg

▲China Resources Gongyuanjiuli Project in Zhuhai

Application Products: Sesame Black

2. Full Body Granite Tile from HQ Ceramics

Compared with the traditional plaza tile and granite tile, large size full body granite tile from HQ Ceramics can be produced in different surfaces, such as burnt pattern, lichee pattern and granite pattern, and can achieve multiple colors or patterns on one tile. Abundant selections of patterns and categories offer designers with broad imagination and design space.


Application Cases

Mainly used in outdoor area, granite tile is thicker than other normal tile. However, as the tile is harder than stone, it is no need to require its thickness to reach 20mm, which will only increase production cost and decrease the percentage of superior grade product.

After long-time practice and study, the thickness of HQ’s granite tile is fixed on 18mm which can helpfully overcome the various defects in production and guarantee the stability of tile. HQ's granite tile can well-substitute natural granite to use outdoors that it can remain no harm even being rolling over by huge trucks weighing up to 5 tons.

14.jpg 15.jpg

From mentioned above, do you have more detailed understanding about granite tile? 

In the industry, someone said that granite tile will become the next trend, like marble tile. What is your opinion? Leave your idea at comment area and share your thought about granite tile~~~