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As a traditional building material, roofing tile is usually made of clay. After untold ages, roofing tile not only shows its practicability, but also the beauty of modern decoration with its unique texture and beautiful arc.

Simply, plainly and beautifully, it can expresses Chinese classical landscape art incisively and vividly, which would bring us an unexpected aesthetic enjoyment. By virtue of architects’ unconstraint in style and modern techniques, it can also be a modern landscape design with a shape of classical beauty. 

At present, there are three types of roofing tiles: Flat Tile, Roman Tile, Spanish Tile, Barrel Tile and Luka Tile. They are mostly used in medium and high-grade hotels and villas, buildings and pavilions, shopping centers, municipal engineering and other constructional engineering.

Product Introduction

1. Flat Tile Series


The original design brings flat roofing tile the most utilitarian functions of waterproofing and  roof drainage, in which wind and water can be prevented from seeping through it. Furthermore, modern production techniques and anti-leakage roofing system enable better thermal insulation flat tiles.

By means of traditional azurite forming die, high-quality clay, advanced imported equipment and excellent technical formula, flat tiles are shaped at 1100 ℃ for one time. The glaze attaches to it in a long-lasting way without peeling off, arris defect and efflorescence.

Simple lines, flowing plane, and colorful colors make the flat tile well integrate the characteristics of contemporary architecture and classical architecture, making the roof more elegant & brighter, showing a shade of historical charm of the building.


▲RONGGUAN Flat Tile Product Display( Portion)

Size: 477*305mm

Features of Flat Tiles

The unique design determines the high practicability of the flat tile. The flatness of tile surface not only equips it with the drainage performance that other thick roofing tiles are difficult to be equipped, but also stopps it from accumulating debris brought by wind and rain. Especially, for buildings in large snow area such as Northeast area and Inner Mongolia, it is more conducive to snow discharge and reduce the damage to personal safety and vehicles caused by ice dam.

With modern advanced production technology, after pressing and sintering at a high temperature, flat tile has better compression resistance and richer colors and shapes, becoming more suitable for the requirements of modern architecture.


▲Product Parameter



Sketch of Tile Paving



Project Cases of RONGGUAN Flat Tile


▲Project: Mei An Hua Fu, Haikou

Application Products: W55-F1 Coffee Red


▲Project: Hainan Boao Airport, Hainan

Application Products : W51-2-F1 Coffee

2. Roman Tile Series


Roman tile has a super large size of 485mm*315mm. After being fired at 1100 ℃, it has antifreeze and weather resistance, excellent impact resistance, good heat insulation and sound insulation performance. The tile paving method is simple, efficient, labor-saving and material- saving, and the effective area is large, which reduces the weight and consumption of the roof to one third of the traditional one.

Apart from the classical and luxurious features of European tile, Roman tile is improved according to the actual situation of China. Compared with the European tiles in being, it has larger radian, which is more suitable for domestic climate conditions due to its stronger waterproof capacity. Different from the simple curve of Spanish S-Tile, Roman tile is more like a combination of those two kind of tiles, with a perfect combination of straight line and curve, which is practical and decorative. The same linear slab design makes Roman tile have good drainage and waterproof function.


▲RONGGUAN Roman Tile Product Display (Portion)

Size: 485*315mm

Features of Roman Tile

Roman tile is easy to lay out and has many fittings to choose from, so it can be well adapted to any architectural style, regardless of modern one or traditional one. The largest size specification can save the amount of tile used, reduce the amount of construction auxiliary materials and labor costs, and provide customers with most economical choice. At the same time, the design of deep hook lock is not only easy to install, but also can resist the wind and rain, and ensure the safety of the whole roof after laying.


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Sketch of Tile Paving



Project Cases of RONGGUAN Roman Tile 


▲Project:Tongzhou Nursing Home, Beijing 

Application Products: W082-R1 Skylight Crimson


▲Project: Luka Town, Yuzhou, Xiamen

Application Products:A006 Unicolor, C53557 Cloud

3. Spanish Tile Series


Spanish tile, firstly appeared and is popular in Spain and some Western European countries, and then gradually introduced into Korea, Japan, and China. It is similar with the glazed roof tile, and it gains recognition and popularity in China as European style decoration tile. Its function has also changed from keeping out wind and rain to decoration. Spanish tile is a kind of sintered colored tile, which has many functions and characteristics, such as good heat insulation, durability, bright colors, etc. It is mainly used for the roof decoration of villas, small foreign-style buildings, pavilions and other buildings.


▲RONG GUAN Spanish Tile Product Display (Portion)
Size: 310*310mm

Features of Spanish Tile 

Spanish tile, as a representative of roof decoration of Spanish luxury palace style, has a hyperbolic design. The "S"-shaped design and undulating shape are full of classic European flavor, which interprets the nobility and elegance of the Spanish nobility. Its waterproof performance is better than other tile types, and different from traditional tiles, it can reduce the overlap area and make the perfect combination of decoration and practicality. The unique waterproof structure: the drainage part is much larger than the waterproof part, which makes it suitable for pluvial region. Besides waterpfoof function, Spanish tile has practicality such as good heat insulation and durability.


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Sketch of Tile Paving


Project Cases of RONGGUAN Spanish Tile


▲Project: Palace Resort Yalong Bay, Hainan

Application Products: Y11-S1 Pearl White


▲Project: Outlet Mall Project, Beijing

Application Products: W55 Coffee Red

4. Barrel Tile Series


Starting from the Empire of Rome, Barrel tile was the main roofing material in the Mediterranean region, and used to several types of buildings in the UK. Those Barrel tiles were conical which can be easy to lock with the others. Paved on a sloping roof, the Barrel tile is unaffected by rain.

The Barrel tile has good heat insulation, stable quality and durability , uniform color and size, and many other functions and characteristics. Different from other tile which is used for keeping out wind and rain, Barrel tile is mainly for decorative functions, and the good three-dimensional effect also makes the decoration effect simple and natural, classic and nostalgic.

Barrel tile is the first choice as roofing decoration materials for the high-end hotels, villas, large commercial centers and municipal engineering constructions.


▲Barrel Tile Product Display (Portion)

Size: 355*175mm 

Features of Barrel Tile

The water absorption rate of the Barrel tile is less than 6%, which is extremely waterproof. The tile is refined from natural clay and has strong density and good frost resistance after firing. It is not easy to deform or discolor. The traditional Barrel tile brings classical beauty to architecture.


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Sketch of Tile Paving


Project cases of RONGGUAN Barrel tile



▲Jintai Nanyan Bay Project, Hainan

Application Products (Mixed Paving): W84 Red Bottom/W56-2 Apricot-Yellow/W51-2 Medium Brown /TC107 Cloud


▲Poly Yunshang Project, Foshan

Application Products (Mixed Paving): TC006-T1 Cloud/TW082-T1 Crimson/TW51-3-T1 Light Brown

5. Luka Tile


Roman Tile is the most traditional type that Luka Tile uses. Compression molding is used to hollow out the valley structure of tiles and the perfect fit between tiles provides a strong guarantee for the waterproof performance of the roof under the extreme weather.

Compared with large -size Roman Tile, Luka Tile’s delicate size of 460*295mm shows the unique ingenuity, which fills in the demands for the decorative effect of Italian tiling that small areas can also be paved with full shape effect. Moreover, small tiles are more convenient and feasible in paving, no matter being paved directly or horizontally.


▲Luka Tile Products Dispaly (Portion)

Size: 460*295mm

Features of Luka Tile

Good waterproof and drainage performance: two-way bonding structure, grooves in both sides, not easy to flow back but can effectively drain away water.

Strong sense of three-dimensional vision: multiple detailed designs, high valley-shaped tile ridges, classic large arches, highlighting the three-dimensional effect.

Chinese & Western Style: abandon the visual fatigue of pure Western style and combine Chinese elements to create a brand new roof visual effect.


▲Product Parameter



Sketch of Tile Paving

Project Case of RONGGUAN Luka Tile


Company Recommendation

46.jpgFoshan Rongguan Glass Building Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1986, and has been dedicated to large decorative building materials for 30 years. It is a large-scale decorative glass building materials company in southern China, which mainly produces quartz stones, artificial marble(also known as engineering stones, synthetic stones) and roof tiles.

From 2008, it has introduced advanced equipment from oversea, and specializes in the production of RONGGUAN Spanish tile , Barrel tile, Roman tile, Flat tile and Luka tile with annual production capacity over 50 million pieces. High-quality clay, advanced equipment and production technology ensure that each piece of roof tile has characteristics like premium quality, excellent color, uniform size, physical properties reach national standard of GB/T 21149--2007, heat insulation, durability, etc.


RONGGUANs roof tile is not only a common roof tile with a single function of shelter from wind and rain, but also a work of art that inherits the design style and production process of Europe.

RONGGUAN’s production of Flat Tile and Roman tile has filled a gap in domestic that high-end projects rely on imported tiles. It provides the customers with the most favorable price and best quality same as the imported tile, and thus to make construction more colorful and brilliant.

RONGGUAN introduces equipment and technology from Europe, sets up independent production lines, produces Flat tile and Roman tile with annual production capacity up to 20 million pieces. RONGGUAN is the first enterprise that adopts wide-body tunnel kiln production technology which origins from Europe, uses top-burning production method and takes Europe's first-class production equipment as the core equipment for production.


If you are interested in the product of RONGGUAN or have procurement demand of roof tile, welcome to visit A302 in China Ceramics City!