Video: Functional Tiles

Hi-tech tiles, various functions


Ceramic tiles are generally categorized into regular types such as glazed tile, polished tile, vitrified tile, mosaic and rustic tile. Yet in the current ceramics market, there are not only new technologies, but also concept tiles of different functions, also known as functional tiles. So you might ask, what is functional tile? The general types include anti-slip tile, deadening tile, antibacterial tile, sunfit tile, anion tile, heating tile and anti-static tile, with more functions compared with traditional tiles. Now let’s have a look at the functional tiles in China Ceramics City. Brand 1: Kito Sunfit Tile Brand 2: Dongpeng Antibacterial Tile Brand 3: Phomi MCM Materials

Brand 4: Shitao Water-permeable Ceramics Brick


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